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PaperKrane is the online destination for kids’ footwear, blending fun with functionality. Steered by the quirky creative partnership of Kate & Zara, the brand’s inception in 2012 has seen it evolve from a simple handmade business into a pioneering kids’ fashion enterprise with a dedicated clientele that stretches from Australia and New Zealand to the United States and beyond. With a rebellious side erring on the best of individuality, and always with a healthy dose of humor and mild cheek, PaperKrane has established its designs as the must-have shoes for little feet.

Wanting to extend the age-bracket and wearability of PaperKrane’s trademark soft soles and become a true force to be reckoned with amid the global footwear market, 2016 saw Kate and Zara begin formulating a plan to incorporate a line of rubber soles.

All of PaperKrane's products have a flexible, zero-drop sole paired with a wide toe box. 


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PaperKrane Velcro Rainbow Kicks
  • From $82.00
PaperKrane Velcro Strawberry
  • From $82.00
PaperKrane Jewel Chic Boot
  • From $95.00