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Inspiration for PaaPii’s clothes comes from everyday life – nature, poems, and people too. All of PaaPii’s clothes are designed and sewn in our own factory, which works on solar power. We make our clothes with the sun! Our fabrics are made of organic cotton and are suitable for sensitive skin. We value the fact, that our clothes are made ecologically and ethically in Finland.

22 products found in Paapii Design

Halla Gates of Pohjola Hoodie
  • $139.00
Halla Seasons Hoodie
  • $139.00
Heija Starflower Tunic
  • $89.00
Hippa Black Leggings
  • $33.00
Hippa Pink Leggings
  • $33.00
Sinna Seasons Forest Green Skater Dress
  • $54.00
Seasons Forest Green Beanie
  • $20.00
Police Turquoise Beanie Hat
  • $20.00
Sinna Propeller Pink Skater Dress
  • $54.00
Seasons Forest Onesie Dress
  • $51.00
Retki Turquoise Seasons Hoodie
  • $73.00
Retno Black Sweatpants
  • $38.00