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nadadelazos we firmly believe that every business must seek environmental and social excellence for itself and for its collaborators to minimize their negative impact (even seek a positive impact!) on the planet and people, knowing and implementing the best practices available in each moment and permanently improving with a plan to move towards a more sustainable activity in all aspects.
"We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors,
we borrow it from our children ”.
American indian proverb
Since the very beginning, back in 2014, nadadelazos collections have been mainly produced in organic cotton. 
They are committed to maintaining organic fibers as the core of our collections, working at the same time searching and introducing other environmentally preferred materials such as recycled fibers and sustainably sourced cellulosics, aiming to reduce the environmental footprint of our products and ultimately looking for positive impact of our textile sourcing. 

nadadelazos final products are GOTS certified by ECOCERT GREENLIFE. 

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Sweet Forest Fairy T-Shirt
  • $44.00
Fox Ski T-Shirt
  • $40.00
nadaeelazos Gift Dress
  • $68.00

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Magic Mushroom Sweatshirt
  • $65.00
Nadadelazos Foxel Jumpsuit
  • $85.00
Organic Gift Sweatshirt
  • $65.00
Nadadelazos Organic On The Mountain Sweatshirt
  • $65.00
nadadelazos Forest Fairy Dress
  • $68.00
Nadadelazos Go Ski Fun Leggings
  • $42.00
Nadadelazos Star Leggings
  • $40.00
Nadadelazos Organic Acorn Sweatshirt
  • $65.00