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Mullido was created with little travelers and explorers in mind , in whom we want to stimulate the desire to explore what is beautiful on our planet and instill in them the travel element. We know perfectly well that the natural need of children is the willingness to learn and discover, which is why we want to give them a product that tells about what we met at the other end of the map. The highest quality product , carefully selected and created with attention to every detail , inspired from the very beginning by the beauty of nature, the richness of fauna and flora and the diversity of the world around us. We want to saturate our project with stories from the end of the globe and convey it to all children so as to satisfy their innate curiosity on the one hand, but on the other hand stimulate them to further activities. Because travel is the only thing you pay for and you get richer.

Natalia and Marcin
The founders of Mullido


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Kiwi Sweatshirt
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  • $24.97


Kiwi Leggings
  • $25.00
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Fantail Beanie
  • $11.00


Fantail Dress
  • $39.00
  • $36.97
Fantail Sweatpants
  • $36.00