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Lötiekids | Barcelona | Since 2012

Lötiekids clothing is made 100% in Barcelona, on a very conscious and familiar industry and they put all their effort on achieving all the highest quality standards and care of details. Lötiekids uses only organic cotton on most garments. Most of the clothes are unisex, timeless and year-round, as they believe it can be worn by anyone no matter they are boys or girls. Sustainability, slow fashion, and conscious clothing are the rules they follow. Happy & natural kids is their philosophy and we couldn't agree more! 

13 products found in Lötiekids

Organic Lilac Goose Sweatshirt
  • $54.00
Blueberry Organic Waffle Shirt
  • $44.00
Lilac Organic Leggings
  • $32.00
Organic Vintage Black Leggings
  • $32.00
Organic Brown Goose Sweatshirt
  • $54.00
Organic Horse T-shirt
  • $39.00
Organic Brown Baby Goose Sweatshirt
  • $52.00
Organic Grey Goose Sweatshirt
  • $54.00
Lilac Horse Dress
  • $59.00
Loitekids Organic Horse Shirt
  • $39.00
Organic Infant Green Leggings
  • $28.00
Organic Corduroy Culotte
  • $49.00
Organic Cream Horse Sweatshirt
  • $59.00