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Kukukid is rebel, and so are kids and adults sometimes. The same is with their design – it is outstanding and shows kids’ world. Clothes that are comfortable for our  kids. 
Kukukid is 100% made in Poland by three moms that are crazy about fashion and their kids. They work with local sewing and printing companies, supporting polish textile industry. They believe in Fair Trade! 


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Kukukid Burgundy Dino Hoodie
  • $72.00
KuKuKid Green Hamster Long Sleeve Pompom Dress
  • $78.00
Blue Basset Dancing Dress
  • $74.00
Kukukid Pink Poodle Sweatshirt Dress
  • $62.00
Kukukid Green Hamster Sweatshirt
  • $65.00
Kukukid Oversized Basset Hoodie
  • $68.00
Kukukid Poodle Frill Top
  • $40.00
Kukukid Green Hamster Leggings
  • $40.00

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Kukukid Pistachio Basset Leggings
  • $40.00

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Kukukid Pink Poodle Leggings
  • $40.00
Kukukid Green Hamster Pocket Pants
  • $59.00
Kukukid Blue Basset Pocket Pants
  • $59.00
Kukukid Poodle Culotte
  • $54.00
Blue Crocodile Leggings
  • $40.00
Pale Pink Heart Leggings
  • $40.00