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Bulb London s London-based kids lifestyle brand, founded in 2016 by Agnete Rinne - artist, creative director, content creator and designer.

Their love to share creative, simplistic yet contemporary designs for kids fashion are against the traditional gender-styled designs. Inspiration behind the brand comes through their modern, fanciful and minimal living lifestyle in London. They are on a mission to bring exciting designs to the kids fashion industry by introducing selective elements from industrial ware and architecture. Every season they create is a completely new concept of designs, yet their identity remains the same.

They are passionate about playing a part to stop waste, especially in the fashion industry. Nowadays clothing and textiles leave tons of waste that end up at dumps all over the world. The clothing takes time to breakdown, and some textiles, like polyester, even create chemical pollution. Hence BULB is focusing & communicating continuously with manufactures across the world to avoid any excessive amount of production that potentially can become dead stock.


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'Royale Egg' Allover Print Sweatshirt
  • $41.00
'Never Rains' White T-shirt
  • $35.00
'English Breakfast' White T-shirt
  • $35.00
'Diversity' Sand T-shirt
  • $35.00
'Diversity' White T-shirt
  • $35.00